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We advise employer clients locally and internationally on the full range of Human Resources legal issues, including executive disputes, the employment and employee benefits aspects of restructuring, outsourcing and M&A transactions, the protection of business interests (including confidential information, client/customer contacts, a stable workforce and intellectual property rights), data privacy rules and executive compensation.  Our lawyers hold leadership positions in local and international professional associations,.


In Sierra Leone, we try class action and individual employment cases in district and capital courts and administrative agencies throughout the country.  We have defended employers in actions involving allegations of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, denials of employee benefits, breach of fiduciary duties, violations, and tort and contract claims under the national law.  These matters often include claims of discrimination based on race, gender, age, and other prohibited forms of discrimination as well as challenges to an employer’s classification of employees as exempt for overtime purposes Labor Department that require seeking consultation with senior leadership at the Department.


All the partners who work in the employment area have successful track records in winning jury trials.  In addition, cognizant of many clients’ desire to avoid the expense and uncertainty of trial, we have repeatedly demonstrated our expertise in achieving favorable outcomes through mediation, summary judgment or using discovery to position cases for modest or affordable settlements.


In addition, we represent corporations, partnerships and senior executives in sophisticated employment negotiations and disputes.  Our experience includes the drafting of remuneration policies and agreements – including clawback provisions, advising on the scope and enforceability of non-competition and non-solicitation agreements; the use of trade secrets and other confidential information; interference with business relations; and entitlement to bonuses, golden parachutes, and other compensation.

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