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Daniel E. Johnson

Daniel E. Johnson


Daniel E. Johnson is an International Environmental, Trade and Investment Lawyer, a partner of Abdulai & Associates with wide knowledge and experience in different areas of work. He started his job experience with the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Services exposing him to media activities and later became a teacher of English Language and Literature. He also worked as an intern with the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) in Washington DC, where he gained lots of experience in world environmental issues.

Professional Experience

Lawyer Johnson also provided legal, media and communication expert opinion on water, sanitation and environmental projects for both local and international consultants. He also assisted crew members of the NHK Television from Japan in producing documentaries on trade and the environment in Sierra Leone. He has worked as an international independent consultant providing advisory role on issues dealing with human rights, environment, trade and investment for the Open Source Center of the USA.


Daniel now provides legal services for pubic clients in Sierra Leone and assists international institutions in carrying out due diligence. He is a contributor to expert opinions dealing with trade and environmental issues in Sierra Leone.


Best Skills

Human rights Law
Environmental Law
Trade and Investment

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